Italian Farfalle Pasta 500g – Dolce Vita
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  • Imported Farfalle Pasta from Italy in India

Italian Farfalle Pasta 500g – Dolce Vita


Dolce Vita Farfalle Pasta is produced entirely in Southern Italy using durum wheat from Puglia and Sicilia, milled in modern plants and produced using pure spring water and bronze dies in our factory In Viale San Domenico, SORA, South Italy. This durum wheat pasta is produced according to the most stringent and environmentally sound methods which are aimed at the improvement and safety of the consumer’s health. The aroma and consistency of this penne pasta is assured thanks to the careful production process which has remained unchanged for generation. The modern technology and the bronze die through which the pasta is extruded guarantee all the taste and authenticity of Italy.

Genuine, typical, healthy – dolce vita™ pasta can be described in one word: QUALITY.

Dolce Vita durum wheat Farfalle Pasta is available in India at The Shop of Good Taste.

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